Church Policies Summary

In order to ensure the safety of all children and youth on our campus or at off campus church events, we have certain policies and procedures in place. It is important that all adults are aware of these policies and understand that whether we are on property or off property at a church event, these policies apply.  If you would like to review all the policies, copies of the Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth are available upon request. These policies include:


  • No child alone. No child under the age of 17 shall be alone with one adult or married couple.


  • Check-in and Pick-up procedures must be followed by all church volunteers.


  • All paid staff and volunteers who work regularly with children must undergo a Keeping Kids Safe training and the required background check.


  • Discipline should always be in the form of positive guidance and redirecting negative behaviors.


  • Allergy policies must be followed by all volunteers.


  • Certain areas of the church property are off-limits at events involving children. These include areas east of the Haddad Fellowship Center as well as the playground (unless supervised by a church employee).