“Worshiping God”

The title of the third panel is “Worshiping God.” Just as this panel hangs in the center of the five panels, so worship is at the center of the Christian life. The Westminster Shorter Catechisms teach us that the chief purpose of our lives is “to glorify God and enjoy God forever.” Worship is an important way in which we glorify God.

The shadowy figure that stands before the cross – (the seal of the Presbyterian Church USA) is Jesus. When we gather to worship God we believe that Jesus comes to us by the power of the Holy Spirit. When we listen to the scriptures it is as if Jesus is speaking to us. When we pray we experience his healing touch. When we break the bread and drink from the cup our hearts burn within us just as the disciples experienced Jesus with them at the Inn at Emmaus. Worship is the forming center of the Christian life because Christ meets us in worship and then sends us out to serve in his name.


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