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This year OBPC has experienced changes unlike we have ever experienced before, and we now deal with the sadness of Pastor Mike’s retirement and Pastor Leigh’s new calling in Georgia. At the same time we are grateful for the memories made and ministry work experienced with these two wonderful mentors and friends.

Therefore, we invite you to share with us your thoughts, feeling, and memories from your time spent with Pastor Mike and Pastor Leigh. Your submission will remain private unless you give consent for it to be shared, and you can choose to be anonymous if you wish.

We hope this will provide our OBPC family a opportunity to remember and celebrate, while healing and looking forward to what the future holds.

As longtime friends of Ormond Beach Presbyterian Church, as Snowbirds, we have appreciated the Sunday Services & Fellowship there…The wonderful Choir & Openings by Jamie recognizing Birthdays & Anniversaries we’re unique…AND the theatrical presentations & Social events in the fellowship Hall are memorable & a lovely way of uniting people…My husband Bob related to Dr Foley’s messages specially.

– Sylvia Engelbrecht

I will cherish the genuine and authentic love and care Pastor Leigh showed to ALL members of every age. She reminded us that we are able to think outside of the box and explore new avenues in our ministry, without losing our foundational identity. Pastor Leigh encouraged OBPC to walk beside her in faith instead of just following her. She has given us amazing tools for the future!

– Anonymous

Pastor Mike: 14 years ago Judy and I came south after retirement to spend 3 winter months in Florida. We searched for a church and finally found yours. You are a special person in our lives. We enjoyed going to OBPC, but you made all the difference. As seniors and as devout church goers over the years, we have never found a pastor who could deliver such powerful messages as you did. thank you.

– Andy and Judy Shanks

Share Your Memories

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