Part-Time Sexton Position for OBPC

Thank you for your interest in the Part-Time Church Sexton Position. Below you will find the Job Description for this position. After reviewing the job description, if you feel this is a job that you are interested in please click on the link at the bottom to fill out the application.

Job Title:


Purpose: To maintain the physical property of the church – the exterior and interior of buildings, facilities, equipment, utilities, and grounds – and to provide for their cleanliness and neatness.

Requirements for the Position:
The position requires a minimum of a high school diploma or the equivalent (GED). Essential are manual dexterity and handyman skills needed for minor repairs of carpentry, plumbing, sprinklers, and other equipment. Ability to climb ladders and to lift 35 pounds without assistance is expected. Effectiveness in routine cleaning of heavily used public spaces, and commitment to persist through occasional frustrations, are required. Steadiness and dependability, together with the patience to tolerate the shortcomings of others, are essential personal traits. Able to schedule time effectively and to work independently, the Sexton is often called upon to forbear when his planned activities are interrupted by requests for help from members of the staff or congregation. A drug screening test and a criminal background check must be passed before employment is offered.


Lines of Authority: Responsible to the Pastor as Head of Staff} the Sexton collaborates with the Chairperson of the Property Committee in identifying areas needing attention and determining priorities. Direct supervision may be received from the chairperson or another designated member of that committee.


Position Classification:
As an hourly employee the Sexton is subject to general provisions for hourly employees found in the church’s Policies and Procedures Manual. Regular work time is 8:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, for a total of 30 hours per week. Weddings entail duties and time beyond these routines, for which the Sexton is financially compensated. 

Vacation and Sick leave:
The Sexton is granted one week of vacation after twelve months of employment, and two weeks of vacation after two years. All earned vacation must be taken during the year it is earned. 

Paid sick leave benefits accrue at the rate of four hours for every 136 hours worked (or one hour per 34 hours). Sick leave hours may accrue to a maximum of 240 hours or 30 days. 

Additional information about these and other benefits is available in the OBPC Policies and Procedures Manual.


  • Each day prepare rooms and common areas for routine and special uses.

  • Unlock and set up rooms for regular and scheduled events in accordance with the daily office calendar. When necessary, set up rooms for next day or evening events. 

  • Each day inspect following areas for cleanliness and neatness-office, sanctuary, fellowship center, kitchen, choir room, nursery, room 12 and all other rooms. 

  • Check all restrooms daily and, as frequently as necessary, empty trash containers and place outside for city pickup. 

  • Maintain security of building and grounds during regular hours, ensuring that doors are locked, security system turned on and off, lights turned off (except those designated to stay on at night), and thermostats set properly. 

  • Inspect periodically and, whenever necessary, clean walkways, wash windows, remove spider webs and insect nests, and dispose of trash on church grounds. 

  • Accomplish basic handyman repairs. 

  • Attend weekly staff meetings, and monthly Property Committee meetings and workdays. 

  • Interact with repairmen and vendors who arrive at the church. 

  • Ensure availability of janitorial supplies, make purchases up to $100 without prior approval. 

  • Periodically report to Property Committee on equipment and furnishings needing repair or replacement; in emergency bring needs to attention of committee chair. 

  • Maintain storage areas, janitorial space, and garage in clean, orderly condition. 

  • Assist Property Committee with special tasks on an as-needed basis. 

  • Open church for weddings and funerals; close and clean used spaces after the event.