Ormond Beach Presbyterian Church believes that ministry must go beyond the doors of the church and into the community and world we live in. Below are some of the missions and partnerships that we support.

Bethlehem Ministry demonstrate Christian values as illustrated by the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matthew 7:12). They respect the Haitian culture through compassionate care, neighborly love, and the honoring of all faiths and traditions of the Haitian people; and they provide hope to rural Haitians through a humanitarian effort that includes accessibility to education, healthcare, and employment. Bethlehem Ministry provides sustainable solutions that give Haitians the hope and the power to change their lives.

Family Renew provides transitional housing for 6 to 24 months for homeless families with children in the Halifax area. Families are admitted through an application process and nurtured to empowerment by training and other life-skill learning initiatives.

Habitat for Humanity is a Christian housing organization that works in partnership with people in need to build or renovate decent, affordable housing. The houses are then sold to those in need at no profit and with no interest charged.

Halifax Urban Ministries responds to the needs of the hungry, homeless and low income people in Volusia and Flagler counties. Additionally cares for people in need by providing emergency services with the prime objective of keeping them from becoming homeless.

Presbyterian Counseling Center is a ministry of Volusia County that provides counseling expressed in a spirit of pastoral care. The center offers a caring, accepting atmosphere through which individuals, couples and families can take positive steps to become more aware of themselves, more sensitive to living relationships and more in touch with ways of growing.

Rose Marie Bryon Children’s Center is the oldest after-school program in the region. They serve 75 children providing a safe, positive and Christian based environment for at-risk children in an atmosphere that encourages education and positive self esteem.

Thornwell is a Christ-centered orphanage located in Clinton, SC which nurtures more than 100 children. It is one of the most successful homes for children of its type where the care of the residents is based on sound Christian principles in a warm and loving cottage atmosphere.


This Child Here is registered 501.c3 non-profit providing assistance to orphans and youth of Ukraine with funds from the USA. They design and fund programs to help homeless youth and children in Odessa: children on the streets, in shelters, schools, homes or orphanages, with issues of personal boundaries, addictions, self-esteem, life in community and trust. They work in the region of Odessa, Ukraine, with the aim of encouraging and motivating these youth and children to imagine a future and find hope.

Pace Center for Girls envisions a world where all girls and young women have POWER, in a JUST and EQUITABLE society. Pace provides girls and young women an opportunity for a better future through education, counseling, training, and advocacy.