Adult Sunday School:

The purpose of our adult Sunday school class is to provide topical and biblical studies which extend from new believers to long time members. Each class is created to be both educational and interactive, and provides an opportunity for deeper study throughout the week. Currently, there are two adult Sunday school classes to choose from:

– The “Library Class” which meet in the library at 9:00am. They engage in group discussions of contemporary Christian issues among our small group of friends. This is a group led, which means different members of the class take turns leading the discuss. Of course, being a leader is not a requirement to attend. The focus for this class usually follows the scripture in the lectionary for the day.

– The “Room 12 Class” meet in room 12 at 9:10am. This class is a lecture and DVD based class led by Jeff Sidwell. The study focus for this class changes as they work through the different series which usually run for a few months.