Assistant Nursery Attendant for OBPC

Thank you for your interest in the Part-Time Assistant Nursery Attendant Position. Below you will find the Job Description for this position. After reviewing the job description, if you feel this is a job that you are interested in please click on the link at the bottom to fill out the application.


Job Title: Assistant Nursery Attendant


Purpose:The Nursery Staff shall provide Christian love and care to infants and children who are not yet developmentally ready for Sunday Worship Service and Sunday school (8:30am–12:30pm) and special church functions. (i.e. Easter Service, Christmas Eve Service, etc.)


Requirements for the Position:
1. Be trained in CPR and First Aid ( will provide training)

2. Have good people skills
3. Pass a background check 
4. Be able to interact professionally and effectively with parents and children to build positive relationships
5. Have prior experience as a parent or caregiver
6. Be at least 18 years old
7. Provide three childcare references



1. Provide outstanding care to meet the needs of infants and toddlers.
2. Keep attendance of children and parents who use the nursery.
3. Ensure that each child is released to proper individuals.
4. Maintain updated information sheets on each child that includes allergies, a list of who is authorized to pick
up that child, and any other pertinent information.

5. Maintain a safe, organized, and clean nursery environment.
6. Assure the safety of the room including equipment and age appropriateness of toys used in the nursery.
7. Work with the CE committee to implement a cleaning schedule for toys and equipment.


Supervision: The nursery worker shall be under the guidance and direction of the Session and shall be under the direct supervision of the Christian Education committee.