The PNC would like to thank you for your participation in this survey that is focusing on our worship. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us in person or at

I would be interested in additional worship opportunities throughout the week.(Required)
Which day(s) of the week works best?(Required)
I am comfortable using online worship methods when I am unable to attend worship in person.(Required)
How many times have you shared our online Worship service or Good News message with someone?(Required)
I enjoy the Good News message from the Pastor.(Required)
I would be interested in attending a second (or alternate) worship service with a non-traditional theme.(Required)
I believe the liturgy, sermon, and music are consistently connected.(Required)
I enjoy the traditional style music that is used.(Required)
I enjoy when additional instruments are used.(Required)
I would be interested in participating in communion weekly.(Required)
Rank the order (using the numbers 1, 2, and 3) in which you enjoy participating in communion(Required)
Individual Cups and Wafers
Passing of the Plates
I would enjoy rotating through different affirmations of faith like the Apostles Creed. (Some can be found in the beginning of the hymnal)(Required)
I feel the recognition of birthdays/anniversaries is a valuable part of our worship.(Required)
I miss the birthday and anniversary songs prior to worship.(Required)
I feel that “Passing of the Peace” is valuable to our worship.(Required)
I appreciate when the youth participate in worship. (Offertory, Music, Reading, Acolyte, etc.)(Required)

If you are unable to attend the roundtable discussion on July 24th or feel more comfortable sharing your response anonymously below are the 4 questions.