This survey will help us to identify how ready we are for change as a congregation. Please respond to the following statements about OBPC by choosing the number that most closely reflects your sense of the statement's accuracy.

Our church has a strong desire to reach lost and unchurched people.(Required)
Our church is not stuck on unnecessary traditions.(Required)
Many people in our church share their faith regularly.(Required)
Many people in our church develop relationships with those who are not in a church.(Required)
Our pastor and our other leadership have a passion to reach people with the gospel of Christ.(Required)
The members of our church are friendly to outsiders.(Required)
Members in our church are very unified. They do not tend to argue over minor issues.(Required)
An unchurched person would feel very comfortable in our worship services.(Required)
Our church has been through significant change in the past five years and responded well.(Required)
There are not many cliques in our church.(Required)
There is a lot of joy and laughter in our church.(Required)
Very few members, if any, would get upset if the order of worship was changed.(Required)
Members in our church do not argue over music and worship styles.(Required)
Our worship services are unified and joyous.(Required)
We have many guests each week in our worship services.(Required)
Many of our members invite people to church every week.(Required)
Sharing the gospel is a priority in our church.(Required)
We have not had a major conflict in our church in the past fifteen years.(Required)
New members, including new Christians, can get involved in our church immediately.(Required)
We pray for non-Christians regularly in our church.(Required)
Our church has a clearly understood and embraced vision statement.(Required)
Our church members take good care of our facilities.(Required)
There are no power groups in our church.(Required)
There are no people in our church who bully others to get their way.(Required)
The church staff and the laity work well together.(Required)
I would be proud to show an unchurched person our church facilities and grounds.(Required)
Our preschool and children’s area is neat, clean, modern-looking, with relatively new equipment, toys, and furniture.(Required)
Our church is safe and secure, especially the preschool and children’s area.(Required)
We have a very good small groups or Sunday school organization.(Required)
At least one-half of our worship attendance is in a small group or Sunday school class.(Required)
Our church creates new small groups and Sunday school classes on a regular basis.(Required)
A person without a church background would feel comfortable and welcome in one of our small groups or Sunday school classes.(Required)
Our members are willing to change in order to share the gospel more effectively.(Required)
Our church leadership regularly encourages us to be willing to give up our comforts for the sake of the gospel.(Required)
We do not have divisive business meetings in our church.(Required)
Our church members are very prayerful people.(Required)
When we begin change, we have a major focus on praying for the change.(Required)
Our pastor and other church leaders are clearly visionaries.(Required)
The members in our church accept change readily.(Required)
We have an effective new members’ or entry-point class in our church.(Required)
The leadership expects much of our members, and the members expect much of themselves.(Required)
Our church member are willing to get uncomfortable to reach people with the gospel.(Required)
Our leadership has great rational skills.(Required)
We do not have any “sacred cows” in our church.(Required)
The members in our church seek to be involved in ministry.(Required)
We have a healthy process for conflict resolution in our church.(Required)
I have personally made some significant changes in my role in the church in the past five years. (If you have been at the church for less than five years, reflect on the time you have been at the church.)(Required)
I do not dread business meetings in our church.(Required)
I believe the church must continue to change in many areas to be relevant and a gospel force in our community.(Required)
Our community leaders and employees have a positive view of our church.(Required)