Scripture for the day is Proverbs 17:17, 19:6-7, 20:6

17 A friend loves at all times,
    and a brother is born for a time of adversity.

Many curry favor with a ruler,
    and everyone is the friend of one who gives gifts.

The poor are shunned by all their relatives—
    how much more do their friends avoid them!
Though the poor pursue them with pleading,
    they are nowhere to be found.

Many claim to have unfailing love,
    but a faithful person who can find?

After reading and reflecting on the passage, pray saying, Lord Jesus, you set your face to go up to Jerusalem to die. When you got there all hell was let loose upon you, and still you did not shrink but stood your ground – all for me. How can I, then, not be there for my friends in their times of need? Make me a great friend for others as you were for me. Amen.