Nicky Gumbel Returns for Final Series
In the Jesus Lifestyle Study – Sermon on the Mount
Bruce and Marcia Geelhood will host a class starting Friday mornings January 10, 2020 at 10:00 – 11:30 am in the Library.
This is third set of 6 lessons on the Sermon of the Mount. We ran the class for the last 2 years in January – February.
Topics this year include:
1. How to stop worrying and start living – Matt 6:25-36
2. How to deal with criticism – Matt 7:1-6
3. How to respond to the most challenging words ever spoken – Matt 7:7-12
4. How to make the big decision – Matt 7:13-14
5. How to spot false prophets – Matt 7:15-23
6. How to build a secure future – Matt 7:24-29
Each week is independent of other weeks, so come even if you missed last year’s offering. Those that came in the past have enjoyed a challenging Bible-based video followed by a good group discussion. Come and gain some new friends. Call Bruce & Marcia to signup 386-307-8564