In order to fulfill the mission of the church, Elders have the  responsibility of directing the programs. This governing body is called the Session and it is organized into  eight committees. These committees are: Christian Education, Evangelism, Finance, Outreach, Planning & Staff, Property, Stewardship, and Worship.


Moderator:     Rev. Dr. R. Michael Foley
Clerk:              Rhoda Little

Christian Education:           Jim Carley, Chair; Janet Foley, Elder
Evangelism:                          Ann Myer, Chair
Finance:                                Larry Moore, Chair
Outreach:                             Laurel Gaddy, Chair; Sam Thomas, Elder
Planning & Staff:                 Bill Thompson, Chair
Property:                               Mike Troutman, Chair; Virginia Norred, Elder
Stewardship:                        David Morgan, Chair
Worship:                               Beth Norton, Chair

Corporate Officers

President:            Bill Thompson
Vice President:    Jim Carley
Secretary:            Rhoda Little
Treasurer:           Rudy Habermann
Asst Treasurer:  Larry Moore