Amsden Academy

Amsden Academy is a center for lifelong learning in the Ormond Beach Community.

Amsden invites everyone in the Ormond Beach community to join us on our journey of learning and growing in all areas of life.

Albert Einstein said, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” Amsden Academy is committed to nurturing lifelong learning in the Ormond Beach Community. Amsden provides opportunities for people of all ages to learn and grow in many different ways. Amsden offers a variety of topics to meet the needs of a diverse community: Arts, health and wellness, spiritual issues, hobbies, growing in who we are and how we can cope with the challenges facing us and many more… Join us to be a part of growing in this community.

Fall at Amsden is for Family and Faith. Amsden will offer opportunities for learning such as coping with difficult family dynamics and growing in faith.

Winter’s focus is Health and Well-Being and brings opportunities such as a Resource Fair for the community and learning about healthy living.

Spring at Amsden focuses on our lives and we will offer opportunities for learning ways to cope with the challenges we face and how to improve our lives.

During the Summer, the focus at Amsden is Learning and Growing. In the summer, there will be chances to learn a new skill or hobby such as computer skills or gardening.