We are finalizing our plans for our mission trip to Thornwell from Nov. 9-12. This is an opportunity to learn more about at risk children in this community and in the Southeast and make a difference for their lives by joining our mission team. We will be leaving on Thursday, November 9, in two groups: One group will leave after lunch and a second group will leave after school/work. We will spend Friday and Saturday helping out at Thornwell Homes in Clinton, SC, where they work to nurture at risk-children, not just those living on campus, but children throughout the Southeast, including Central Florida. The cost is $20 a night ($60.00), plus $20 for community food. If you would like to go but are unable to pay, there are funds available, simply contact Pastor Mike or Pastor Leigh. In order to go, you must sign-up by contacting Pastor Leigh, Laurel Gaddy, Sam Thomas or the church office.

In anticipation of our upcoming Mission Trip in November, we will welcome Jean Homrighausen, Mission Advancement Officer for Florida for Thornwell Homes on Sunday October 29 (Rescheduled from Sept. 10). Jean will be available during the Sunday School Hour, at 9:00 in the Haddad Fellowship Center, and then for a minute for mission in worship and after worship to answer questions.