Igniting our Passion for God
Sunday, September 10th – Saturday, December 8th

This fall the entire congregation of Ormond Beach Presbyterian Church is invited to participate in an extended season of prayer and reflection using a prayer guide entitled 90 Days of Prayer – Igniting our Passion for God. This prayer guide has been developed for congregations by Stan Ott of the Acts 16:5 Initiative. The prayer guide offers a scripture reading for each of the 90 days and includes reflection and prayer focus questions. In the introduction Stan writes:

“Imagine an entire church community committed to praying wherever they are each day for ninety days! What would happen if everyone connected with two others for a time of reflection and prayer? What would that community learn about God and God’s mission in the world? What would that community learn about themselves? What would that community learn about the needs of their loved ones? How would that community be changed? What impact would that leave on the surrounding community?”

Sunday, September 10th every member of the congregation and any of your friends who want to participate in this prayer adventure will receive a copy of the prayer guide. You will have the choice of praying on your own each day at a time and place that is convenient to you OR you may choose to join with two other OBPC disciples and form a prayer trio – praying daily on their own each day – but gathering once a week to pray for one hour together using the Word-Share-Prayer format in the guide.

If you would like to participate in our 90 Days of Prayer and need the prayer guide – fill out the sign-up form that will be in the bulletin the first two weeks of September or call the church office.